Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Every Picture Tells A Story

These gorgeous photographs were taken over a year ago at what turned out to be the last Meadowbrook concours d'elegance before the move to a new location.

Luigi Chinetti, who took the photographs, can be seen reflected in the custom paint job (for which I never cease to thank the experts of AkzoNobel).

This shot (below...not the one of me!) captures something I consider special about a concours d'elegance, not often seen by the public. The show is over, the crowds have gone, the golf course is almost back to being a golf course.

The spectacular old bangers are driven sedately away by their supremely considerate owners who have waited for those in faster cars and a greater hurry to leave. Others wait for their trailers... or to be staged for display for some exclusive "afterglow" party.

This would have been more of a favorite if it didn't look as if I was talking (on the iPhone Touch, donated by Apple) while driving... not an approved behavior, even when driving on the fairway of a golf course.

Amazing light quality!

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Patrick Leyendecker said...

Congratulations to this well done design, i like this direct straight lines which make this roadster so pure.