Monday, May 23, 2011

Transported By Pilot (A Division of United Road)

I was fortunate indeed to connect with Pilot Transport, and Jerry and Rich took the best possible care of the VSR all across the USA.

Every day, Jerry, the lead driver, would call me cellphone to cellphone from his big rig to my wheels, to let me know whereabouts they were, and that all was well with my VSR.

Since the VSR was low, and going all the way from Detroit to Pebble Beach it was loaded first, and stayed up top, up front.

Penthouse suite inside an incredibly "clean" truck.

The transporters for all the cars to be shown at the Pebble Beach concours d'elegance were parking in the huge and well appointed Equestrian Field, under the expert eye of Tim McGrane.

I was delighted to see the sleek, black Pilot Transporter!

Truck in the Equestrian field (destination)

The next anxious moment was the first glimpse when the side panels were opened. They'd crossed America in August, over mountains, salt flats, deserts. Would the paint job be in good shape?

VSR on the upper level. This is one of my favorite shots!

There's more to top quality, show car transporting than you might expect. Doors and other openings that have to stay closed can be taped (with special tape). The tires are belted and buckled and ratcheted down. What is more, there are special "grip" surfaces on the tracks.

So, when all that was dismantled, we rolled the car slowly, backwards to the elevator.

This may seem hairy, backing out onto the elevator/ramp, but there are tire blocks in place to prevent unintended rearward acceleration.

Hanging TOYO Proxes S/T Rear: 325/40R 22

Going down....


Grounded from a different angle.

Reflections on a job well done.

Pilot Transport drivers Jerry and Rich

Looking down, simply because this is a fantastic view.

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